Stagecoach & Psychopath

This palatial movie theater featured on the Home page was in the neighborhood where I grew up. Psychopath was actually The Psychopath, a 1966 Amicus film written by the great Robert Bloch. I was too young to see it, but this sort of bleak landscape became a blank canvas for my imagination, helped push me intoContinue reading “Stagecoach & Psychopath”

Brigadier Ffellowes

My first encounter with club tales was in the second issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction I had ever read. December 1976, Sterling Lanier’s fine Brigadier Ffellowes story, “Ghost of a Crown,” featured on the cover. The neighborhood I grew up in was a model of banality, so the notion that if I rode my bike far enoughContinue reading “Brigadier Ffellowes”

Horror Hunters

First book I ever purchased. So many big names that Robert E. Howard, William Hope Hodgson and Algernon Blackwood didn’t make it onto the cover! Contains the cracking Carnacki tale, “The Gateway of the Monster.”    “Later, when dinner was finished, Carnacki snugged himself comfortably down in his big chair, along with his pipe, and beganContinue reading “Horror Hunters”

  Entr’acte Club Archives Volume 1: Booth Merlin, Cryptomusicologist. Eight tales of anomalous musical phenomena in the spirit of Joseph Jorkens, Brigadier Ffellowes and Thomas Carnacki. None of the selections have been previously published. One-man band project: stories, cover, layout, typos, etc. Currently PDF only.   **Available at