Stagecoach & Psychopath

This palatial movie theater featured on the Home page was in the neighborhood where I grew up. Psychopath was actually The Psychopath, a 1966 Amicus film written by the great Robert Bloch. I was too young to see it, but this sort of bleak landscape became a blank canvas for my imagination, helped push me into the worlds of fantasy and horror. (Actually, looks pretty much like the town I live in now. Full circle!)

Published by davidprill

Author of The Unnatural, Serial Killer Days, Second Coming Attractions, Dating Secrets of the Dead and assorted offbeat fantasy, horror and science fiction stories which have appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Subterranean magazine, various Ellen Datlow projects and a number of fine anthologies. "The Last Horror Show" was nominated for an International Horror Guild Award. "The Mask of '67" was in the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology, Salon Fantastique.

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