Brigadier Ffellowes

My first encounter with club tales was in the second issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction I had ever read. December 1976, Sterling Lanier’s fine Brigadier Ffellowes story, “Ghost of a Crown,” featured on the cover. The neighborhood I grew up in was a model of banality, so the notion that if I rode my bike far enough I would come upon a club devoted to imagination and adventure was enthralling.

“And, of course, there he was. Leaning against the end bookcase in the alcove, just as if he’d been there all evening, and none of us, as usual, had even seen him come in!”

Published by davidprill

Author of The Unnatural, Serial Killer Days, Second Coming Attractions, Dating Secrets of the Dead and assorted offbeat fantasy, horror and science fiction stories which have appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Subterranean magazine, various Ellen Datlow projects and a number of fine anthologies. "The Last Horror Show" was nominated for an International Horror Guild Award. "The Mask of '67" was in the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology, Salon Fantastique.

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